About 86.9% of children have visited their pediatric dentist in the past year. Unfortunately, 13.2% still have untreated dental cavities. Has your child visited their Elizabethtown pediatric dentist recently?

Choose the pediatric dentistry Elizabethtown, KY practice parents already know and trust. On the fence?

Read on to discover the benefits of visiting a pediatric dentist in Elizabethtown today!

Kid-Friendly Environment

Your child might not feel comfortable visiting the dentist if the environment is cold and sterile. In fact, an environment designed with adults in mind could make your child’s dental anxiety worse. Their dental anxiety might keep them from receiving the attention and care they need.

If your child feels nervous after visiting the dentist, they might begin associating appointments with negative emotions. Their anxiety might even get worse over time.

They might even maintain a fear of the dentist as an adult.

Instead, visit a pediatric dentist in Elizabethtown. Pediatric dentistry practices are designed with children in mind. The environment is full of bright colors and inviting imagery.

For example, most practices feature illustrations on the walls. In the waiting room, your child can watch TV, read books, or play with toys before their appointments. Keeping them in a good mood before their check-up can put them at ease during the check-up.

Your child might feel more inclined to sit still, making it easier to ensure they receive the care they need. If the environment is designed for adults, however, your child might squirm and cry throughout their appointment. Their hygienist and pediatric dentist will have a more difficult time cleaning and checking their teeth. 

Instead of taking your child to see your dentist, look for an Elizabethtown kid’s dentist locals already know and trust. Bring your child to a bright, playful environment to help them feel comfortable about their appointment. 

Trained With Kids in Mind

A dentist who primarily treats adults will have different priorities than an Elizabethtown pediatric dentist. After all, pediatric dentists are trained to treat children. While general and pediatric dentists begin their education by receiving the same training, pediatric dentists receive additional training.

The courses they take on child development and psychology can ensure your child receives the best possible treatment. 

Both first earn a bachelor’s degree before meeting the necessary requirements to attend dental school. There, they’ll earn a Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Dental Medicine. Both options require four years of education.

Pediatric dentists are then required to complete two years of residency. 

The entire staff is trained with children in mind. Your pediatric dentist in Elizabethtown will know how to put your child at ease. Remember, ensuring your child’s comfort can make their appointments easier. 

Pediatric dentists lean on their training to help soothe nervous children. 

A general dentist, on the other hand, might lack the training necessary to put your child at ease. They might allow a stressful situation to get the best of them, too. They could make your child’s dental anxiety worse.

You might want to consider finding a pediatric dentist with experience helping children with special needs. For example, perhaps your child has ADHD or autism. Many pediatric dentists have the training and experience necessary to help all patients. 

You’ll feel more confident bringing your child to appointments with a pediatric dentist who knows how to make them comfortable. 

Relevant Experience and Expertise

While the training for general and pediatric dentists is similar, a trained specialist will have an easier time assessing your child’s oral health. For example, a pediatric dentist will have a better understanding of your child’s developmental challenges and needs. 

Remember, pediatric dentists must require two years of residency. A residency program ensures the dentist receives hands-on experience treating patients. Their hands-on experience can further benefit your child as a patient.

A pediatric dentist will leverage their experience and expertise to ensure your child receives the highest standard of care. 

Make Oral Care Engaging

A dentist who knows how to speak with children will have an easier time keeping your child engaged. They could have an easier time easing your child’s dental anxiety. They’ll also have an easier time making oral health interesting and even fun.

An engaging, fun dentist could help your child take their oral health seriously. Your child can use what they learned from the dentist to keep their teeth clean and bright. 

The healthy habits your child learns from their dentist could benefit them for years to come. Meanwhile, your child might begin looking forward to their appointments. Befriending their dentist might make them proud to show off their clean, healthy teeth. 

Reduce Dental Anxiety

Over 40% of children struggle with dental fear. When left unchecked, dental anxiety could become a serious problem. Your child might avoid going to the dentist as an adult.

Visiting a pediatric dentist in Elizabethtown can help ease your child’s anxiety while they’re still young. An experienced pediatric dentist will know how to abate their anxiety and ease their fears. 

Preventative Approaches

A pediatric dentist will prioritize taking preventative approach. Your child can learn how to avoid cavities and gum disease from a young age. A preventative approach can help you avoid costly treatments and procedures in the future. 

Meanwhile, your child will gather the tools and resources they need to prioritize their oral health over time. 

Remember, your child might take their oral health seriously if they have a great pediatric dentist. You could help set your child up for lasting success. What they learn from their dentist now can benefit them for decades.

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