Getting your kids to brush and floss regularly doesn’t have to be a battle. We’ve rounded up a few simple tips to make dental health fun.

From picking out their own toothbrush to playing their favorite music, this list is sure to get your kids on board. Here’s our go-to guide for getting kids to brush and floss with ease.

1. How Often to Floss and Brush? Use a Chart

When you’re trying to get your little ones to do something, a chart can be a lifesaver. Think of this as a chore chart for brushing and flossing their teeth. Charts will make daily tasks a little more fun.

To start, get a poster board, dry erase board or chalkboard. Map out the days of the week for as long as you’d like. Put daily tasks on the board such as flossing, brushing teeth, brushing hair, and washing their face, for example.

From there, you can give your child a checkmark or a sticker each time they complete their task. They will look forward to completing their tasks and getting the reward. You’ll soon find that they will floss and brush their teeth without any reminders.

2. Set a Timer

A timer is a guarantee your kid is brushing and flossing for long enough. You can use a traditional hourglass timer, music, or your phone. The hourglass is a fun experience in itself. Your little one will love flipping it over and watching the sand fall down.

For older kids, a cell phone is all you need to make sure they are thoroughly cleaning their teeth. The American Dental Association recommends brushing for two minutes. 

The full two minutes will help get all the food particles, plaque, and bacteria off of their teeth. When you’re establishing a brushing routine, it’s good to explain the importance of taking your time. Even the youngest child understands the value of doing something well.

3. Make It a Game

As a kid, everything is more fun when it’s a game. If you have siblings, make brushing and flossing a bit of a competition. Make it a race to see who can get into the bathroom and get finished first.

Make a game out of their sticker charts and see who completed their tasks. Kids will love making it a game and you’ll love knowing they brushed and flossed their teeth.

4. Make a Lesson Out of It

In addition to regular flossing and brushing, you may want to give your kids some context. You can take some time and make a lesson out of why it’s important to brush and floss. Curious young minds will love learning more about their bodies.

For young children who are starting to brush their teeth on their own, use coloring and stickers to make dental health fun. Print out or draw a tooth graphic onto a plain piece of paper. Let them color the teeth to simulate dirt and food.

Show your kiddos how food and dirt can build-up on their teeth. Use a toothbrush to show them how to clean their paper teeth and make it fun. Their dentist can also give them a little lesson on teeth brushing 101. 

5. Go Shopping

Kids will get a kick out of shopping for their own teeth cleaning supplies. Whether you shop online or in person, let them pick out their own brush and floss toothbrush, Waterpik brush and flosser, or toothpaste.

They can choose their favorite color or their favorite character. The more involved they are, the happier they will be to do it. They will feel more invested in the process if they can have a say.

6. Brush and Floss Together

Kids learn by example. If they see you brushing and flossing, they will be more likely to do it. Brush and floss your own teeth with them until they are comfortable doing by themselves. The same goes for seeing you go to the dentist

7. Revamp Your Bathroom Accessories

This might be a great time to update your bathroom accessories. After they pick out a new toothbrush, buy your little one a cute toothbrush holder. Get their favorite color or character.

Make their bathroom their own and give them a fun space for grooming and personal care. You can also have them make their own bathroom artwork.

8. Use a Song

You can make the most mundane tasks feel like a party with a little music. Choose your child’s favorite song and play it while they brush and floss. This will soon become a bedtime and morning ritual everyone looks forward to.

A song is also around two minutes long, so you’ll have a built-in timer. You can create a whole playlist for taking a shower, brushing their hair, and anything else in their routine.

9. Start Early

The earlier you start your children with brushing their teeth, the better. As soon as your baby starts getting teeth, you can brush them. As they get older, start to let them try themselves.

The sooner you start introducing a toothbrush, the easier the transition will be for them to do it on their own. Starting as a baby will make brushing a part of their day from the beginning.

Get Your Kids to Brush and Floss Regularly

While it can be a struggle to get your kids to do things on their own, brushing and flossing, doesn’t need to be a battle. Start your kids early and teach them the importance of taking care of themselves.

Before long, your kids will brush and floss on their own. If you’re ready to book a dental appointment for your child, get in touch, and schedule a visit here